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Regeneration and Revival

Regeneration and Revival

Our involvement in regeneration projects from the beginning allows us to fully understand all stakeholders needs and requirements from our partners through to the end user. Our relationship with each stakeholder and our ability to provide a cohesive team approach is fundamental to our success to date. Throughout each aspect of each project we aim to:

• Build trust and respect
• Be honest and transparent
• Identify and use local skills to their full potential
• Build confidence in local neighbourhoods
• Engage stakeholders fully and throughout the project
• Support residents throughout the process
• Create long lasting sustainable homes
• Create great places to live that residents can be proud of

Brochure Download

Download our brochure for more information on how we work and details of some of our recent projects.

Find out more on our Sigma® Home which was the first home to gain a five star rating from the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Sigma® Home brochure

The Sigma® Home II Build System brochure